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Eating Acai


Feel like you have a slow metabolism?

Does everything you eat immediately reflect on the scale? Do you feeling sluggish?

Have you tried diet after diet and failed?

Or had success only to regain the weight and then some?

Confused by food?

Feel overwhelmed with meal planning ideas? Do you want to lose weight and eat the foods you enjoy too?

Feeling overwhelmed with meal planning ideas?

Not sure how to plan meals? Are you over complicating things?

The Cycle Breaks Here!

Are you tired of fad diets?  Have you tried so many diets, each one is burned in your head right now telling you that you can’t eat bread or pasta and fruits are too high in sugar.  Do you feel guilty about that cookie or piece of chocolate?  Are you tired of going to bed or waking up hungry, and counting down the hours until your next meal?  Are you looking for a way to eat your favorite foods and still lose weight?

Gym Equipments

What if I told you that...

Severe calorie restricted diets and fad diets are skipping the most important step?  What if I told you that all these diets have led to metabolic adaptation?  Diet after diet, you’ve been missing the most important step that is preventing you from keeping the weight off.  The important step of optimizing your metabolism and ensuring you are ready for weight loss.  Learn how to restore your metabolism and in turn burn more calories, feel more energized and leave those feelings of guilt behind when making food choices. There’s no “one size fits all”, every body is different.  The Compleat Package comes with all the tools you need and coaching support at your fingertips.  Feel empowered to take control of of your health, forever.

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Green Apples




Use of Metabolic Machine


coaching and recommendations tailored to your lifestyle

Education and tools so you can navigate nutrition, the grocery store and read a nutrition facts label with confidence

Weekly or bi-weekly meetings in-person or via Zoom

Smart goals that give you a sense or organization and direction to meet your objective

Access to a Registered Dietitian between sessions to help you navigate through any obstacles or celebrate a win

Private Facebook group with monthly challenges, new recipes, group support and accountability

Two group fitness classes per week to help you achieve you get comfortable with fitness

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